Printmaker Artist

I'm a french printmaker located in the Alps.
My artwork consists in drawing a sketch onto a block of wood or lino, and cutting it right before inking it and pressing it onto sheets of the best paper.
My references are mostly books from the late medieval period, but also modern fantasy (Tolkien above it all !)

I started a long journey a few years ago when looking at medieval woodcuts, and feeling that something was really pleasing about the sight of it. Some times later, i decided to give it a go, and there are the result of my uncommon form of art !


Carving in a medieval fashion

I take inspiration from those woodcuts from the late medieval era, and how the gothic artists from that period depicted human bodies and other monsters.
The aim is not to copy and reproduce a "facsimile", but rather to get inspiration from that special point in time, take some motifs and add a bit of my own vision of it
This is not a historically accurate work, more of a tribute to the gothic renaissance artworks.