My tools at your service

Besides printing my own work of art, I also like to give a hand to small initiatives in need of a deep and interesting artwork !

With the help of my graphic tablet, my fellow gouges, and all my heart, i will help you fuel your brand with original content, be it for the purpose of a new product, or illustrating an already well established item of your identity, in a new way !

If you do like my artwork, and want to integrate some aspects of the dark, medieval fantasy motifs that are at the core of my art, into your project's identity, feel free to contact me and let's see what we can do together !

Depending on what you want me to do depict, i can put my tools up to work and empahise the dark and medieval aspect of your project. This is the right occasion to distinguish your project from others with a unique artwork

My past commissioned projects

Ask them what they thought !
Math is an artist with perfectly mastered skills. He adapted to our project and fully integrated and collaborated with our creative team. It is a pleasure to work with him and i hope our partnership will last.

Dungeon Of Fitness by Mens Sana Games


"Digital carving" of a world map for a fantasy dungeon crawler card game, between fitness and heroic fantasy

Interested ?

I'd be glad to show my skills and help your project ! If you're interested in what i create, or if you would like to see more before taking any decisions, feel free to shoot me a mail, and let's grab some coffee and discuss all that on zoom or discord !